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The Farting Lemurs Story

Our family consists of a fearless mom, a creative dad, and five fearless and creative boys (Da Boys). Our family has worked together, traveled together, learned together, worshipped together, sang together, created together, but mostly played together.


A few years back, on an evening when schoolwork was either completed or being completely ignored, we decided we should create a game. This was not the first game we had created. Previous creative efforts had resulted in such classics as “dunkskaball” and “face”.  (Both of these are played in the pool and are strictly for family or others who have signed a waiver, due to the violent nature and almost certain risk of injuries).


This particular night, we were contemplating a game that might have broader appeal, and less physical violence.  We decided a card game was a good format and the brainstorming began. We made a list of topics and another list of games we enjoyed. We analyzed our favorite games and why we liked them. Some things we decided:

  • Lemurs are cute (I’ve never met anyone who disagrees with this premise.)

  • Farts are always funny (although mom strongly disagrees with this one).

  • Games that are all chance and no strategy are only fun if you’re three years old (candy land).

  • Games that are all strategy and no chance are only fun if you’re smart (chess.  While we all like chess, we wanted our game to have a broader appeal, especially to a younger crowd).

  • Games that have complicated rules take a while to learn.


We wanted our game to be quick to learn, quick to play, with enough strategy to keep it interesting, but enough chance to allow youngsters to beat their parents regularly.


As a parent, a particular desire of mine was a game that could be played quickly and be fun and satisfying without a huge time commitment.  With five young boys demanding attention, it was difficult to commit enough time to a game like Risk or Monopoly, at least until Da Boys all got a little older.  


Thus was born the concept for Farting Lemurs.  Once we had the title, we knew the play would revolve around eating certain foods and farting.  Then came the research. What do lemurs eat. Do they fart? We were pleasantly surprised to learn that lemurs actually do “fart” or emit scents to attract mates and to mark their territory.  Learning these factoids reinforced our excitement in the title selection.  


Once we had some rules defined, focus turned to the artwork.  We all knew that Papa Woody was the man for the job. Papa Woody is a professional artist and Da Boys’ grandfather.  He has produced a prodigious and varied collection of acrylic paintings over the years. More relevant to our story, however, are Papa Woody’s gift cards.  Every birthday and Christmas gift for each boy every year included a unique cartoon sketch of Santa, an alligator (Papa Woody lives in Florida) or a portrait of Papa Woody himself.  We all loved this style and knew this would be a hit for our Lemurs game. It took a few years to get Papa Woody on board, but once he committed, he went nuts! The results are fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the style of the artwork!


With the artwork complete, we finished up the initial design of the cards and had a few decks printed.  We played and played. We varied the proportion of food to farts until everything felt just right. Then we refined the card design and printed new decks for beta testing.  We sent out the beta decks to some awesome families who we knew would play and give us honest feedback. They were great! Beta testers were both enthusiastic about the game and brutally honest about opportunities to improve.  We listened, refined the card design, added some cards, and now here we are ready to launch! We hope you enjoy Farting Lemurs! Either way, Let us know what you think!

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